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Gleetrust Music (music.gleetrust.com) was born on 2011/5/15.
Gleetrust means Happy Reliable Trust. The vision of Gleetrust Music is to let people enjoy reliable, healthy, relaxing music, and help people sleep, concentrate, convalesce, and etc. All the music of Gleetrust Music is original music.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Song: Love Be In time (愛要及時 莫等待 ) 2011/6/23

New Song:  Love Be In time (愛要及時 莫等待 )  2011/6/23
Composer: George  C. K. Lee (gleetrust)
All Rights Reserved, 2011
請尊重版權!! 翻盜必究!!
Love Be In time
      Lo -ve be in Time. Don -n -n't wait. Love ~ in your heart. Speak ~ ~ it out. Let ~ ~ him(her) ~ know. Do n 't wai--t. Time ' s soa --ring, like smoke dis-appear -ing. Lo--ve be in time. Don't miss ~ it.         Lo -ve be in time. Don -n 't wait. Lo -ve in your heart. Sing ~ ~ it out. Let ~ ~ him(her) ~ know. Don -n 't wai--t.  

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