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Monday, November 14, 2011

新歌(New Song) : 我是誰? (Who am I?) 2011/11/13

新歌(New Song) :  我是誰? (Who am I?) 2011/11/13
此歌採五部旋律, 基本上是四部單音旋律及和聲,另一部為小提琴,分別以Tenor(男高音)(Choir AaHs)及小提琴為主旋律聲。四部單音旋律為各相差三度音程的音為主。
Composer & lyricist: George C. K. Lee (Gleestrust)
@All Rights Reserved, 2011 保留所有版權 盜翻必究
歌詞 (lyrics):
我是__誰? 人生是何目_的?  我往何處_去? 茫茫我心。
Who  am __ I ?  Li-fe  i-s  for_ what ?  Where am I go-ing ?  Confusion's in my heart.
Lord is in my_ heart. I am not a-lone, even ha-ving pai-ns. Lord is lead-ing me.

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