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Gleetrust Music (music.gleetrust.com) was born on 2011/5/15.
Gleetrust means Happy Reliable Trust. The vision of Gleetrust Music is to let people enjoy reliable, healthy, relaxing music, and help people sleep, concentrate, convalesce, and etc. All the music of Gleetrust Music is original music.

The more you support, the more power we can help more people.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Original Music: Place Having an Air of Peace (Male Quartet with Strings ) 2011/11/26

原創曲 Music: 平靜 (Place Having an Air of Peace ) 2011/11/26
@All Rights Reserved, 2011 保留所有版權 盜翻必究
composer: George C. K. Lee (Gleetrust)

Male Quartet with Strings
男聲四重唱 (弦樂伴奏)

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